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Hinterland Who's Who Ordering Information

Welcome to our virtual order desk. This is where you'll find HWW products that will keep Canadian wildlife front and centre in your life. Currently, only Canadian residents may use this service.

In addition to fact sheets on wildlife species and related topics, you can also order a beautiful wildlife poster like CWF's posters for National Wildlife Week and Oceans Day. Plus, you can order educational wall charts, including handy bird and bat identification reference sheets.

Please note that species and issues fact sheets are available in printer-friendly versions.

To order free publications

Individuals may receive:

Fact sheets:
One preselected set of fact sheets—Each set is grouped by subject matter and contains nine to 13 fact sheets each.
Five fact sheets selected by the individual—Any combination of fact sheets may be chosen, but the number of fact sheets must not exceed five.

Only organizations, including schools, may order a full set of fact sheets. You must fax your order on the organization's letterhead to Environment Canada at

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