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Site Map

Amphibian & Reptile Fact Sheets
   Leatherback Seaturtle
   Western Garter Snake
Bird Fact Sheets
   American Black Duck
   American Goldfinch
   American Robin
   Atlantic Puffin
   Bald Eagle
   Bicknell’s Thrush
   Black-capped Chickadee
   Blue Jay
   Burrowing Owl
   Canada Goose
   Cassin's Auklet
   Common Eider
   Downy Woodpecker
   Evening Grosbeak
   Gray Jay
   Great Blue Heron
   Great Horned Owl
   Greater Snow Goose
   Harlequin Duck
   Herring Gull
   Lesser Snow Goose
   Loggerhead Shrike
   Marbled Murrelet
   Mountain Bluebird
   Northern Gannet
   Peregrine Falcon
   Piping Plover
   Purple Martin
   Red-breasted Nuthatch
   Red-winged blackbird
   Ring-billed Gull
   Roseate Tern
   Ruby-throated Hummingbird
   Ruffed Grouse
   Semipalmated Sandpiper
   Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, and Northern Goshawk
   Snowy Owl
   Trumpeter Swan
   Tundra Swan
   Whooping Crane
   Wood Duck
Boreal Forest Species Fact Sheets
Fish & Mollusc Fact Sheets
   Atlantic whitefish
   Coho salmon
Insect Fact Sheets
   Bumble Bees
Mammal Fact Sheets
   Arctic Fox
   Atlantic walrus
   Beluga whale
   Black Bear
   Black-Footed Ferret
   Bowhead whale
   Canada Lynx
   Eastern Grey Squirrel
   Harbour porpoise
   Killer whale
   Mountain Sheep
   North American Bison
   North American Elk
   Polar Bear
   Red Fox
   Snowshoe Hare
   Striped Skunk
   Swift Fox
   White-tailed Deer
Species at Risk Fact Sheets
Climate Change
Pollinator Fact Sheets
Urban Wildlife

 Where They Live
Canada's Boreal Forest
Estuaries: Habitat for Wildlife

 Things You Can Do
Action & Awareness
   A New Lease on Leaves
   A Warm Winter Home
   Adopt an Urban Waterfront
   Attract the American Goldfinch to Your Garden
   Attract the American Robin to Your Garden
   Attract the Black-capped Chickadee to Your Garden
   Attract the Blue Jay to Your Garden
   Attract the Downy Woodpecker to Your Garden
   Attract the Red-breasted Nuthatch to Your Garden
   Attracting Birds to Your Backyard
   Bring Burrowing Owls Back From the Brink
   Build a Bat House
   Build an Amphibian Pond
   Build Ferruginous Hawks a Prairie Home
   Cavity Nesting
   Celebrate National Wildlife Week
   Combat Dumping on Shores and in Marine Habitats
   Conquer Collisions
   Conserve a Flyway
   Conserve and Create Vernal Pools
   Conserve Water Quality
   Construct and Maintain Nesting Boxes
   Create a Mini-woodland
   Create an Interpretive Trail
   Create Microhabitats
   Create Shelter for Songbirds
   Curb Aquatic Exotics
   Curb Cat Predation
   Dealing with Problems
   Educate Your Community
   Foster Old-Growth Forests
   Get Out and Experience Nature by Season
   Give Purple Martins an Urban Residence
   Give Shelter to Wintering Birds
   Give Wildlife an Edge
   Good Luck, Wood Duck
   Great Blue Hope
   Grow a Greenway
   Grow Seedlings of Hope
   Half-barrel Pond
   Help Habitat Hot Spots
   Help Refuel Shorebirds
   Hummingbird Feeder
   Join Forces Against the Alien Invasion
   Keep the Waterfowl Comeback on Track
   Keep Wild Things Out of Mischief
   Learn to Coexist With Wildlife
   Lend Wings to Ospreys
   Mind a Mine
   Nurture a Nectar Corridor
   Ode to Dead Wood
   Organize a Beach Sweep to Clean Up a Shoreline
   Plant a Forest Buffer
   Plant a Patch of Prairie Grass
   Plant a Pollinator Patch
   Pollution Prevention Projects
   Prevent Marine Pollution
   Protect a Snag Tree
   Protect Prairie Potholes and Streams
   Publicize Your Project
   Purge Pesticides From Your Schoolyard and Community
   Put up Nesting Shelves
   Restore a Ribbon of Life
   Revitalize a Wetland
   Salvage a Salt Marsh
   Sea Duck, Tree Duck
   Stand on Guard for Aquatic Habitats
   Take Falcons Under Your Wing
   The Beauty of Bees
   Turn the Tide on Pollution
   Vital Vernal Pools
   Whip up a Wetland
   Work Wonders for Wetlands
Make your own HWW
   7 Simple Steps Instructions
   Hinterland Who's Who logo
   Sample script
HWW - Stories from the Hinterland

 Issues and Topics
Benefits of Wildlife
Bird Banding in Canada
Bird Feeding
Canada's Boreal Forest
Climate change
Environment Canada’s Protected Areas Network
Invasive Alien Species in Canada
Nest Boxes for Birds
Oil Pollution and Birds
Pesticides and Wild Birds
Species at Risk in Canada
Urban Wildlife FAQs
What You Can Do For Wildlife

 For Educators

 About Us
Contact Us
HWW Profile
   Jody Gienow
   Louis-René Sénéchal
   Call of the Wild
Behind the Scenes
News Archive
   Hinterland Who’s Who by any other name…
   A Canadian tradition soars again
   Building greener homes
   Call for nominations!
   Caribou Recovery and Recycling: Canadians Can Make the Link
   Celebrate Biodiversity with Environment Canada's Nature Matters! Contest
   Celebrate Earth Day, April 22!
   Climate change and wildlife
   CWF vignettes tackle kids' weak nature knowledge
   Explore and Embrace a Special Wild Place!
   Feature Species: Burrowing Owl
   Feature Species: Great Horned Owl
   Feature Species: Killer Whale
   Feature Species: Moose
   Feature Species: Mosquito
   Feature Species: North American Bison
   Feature Species: Raccoon
   Feature Species: Western Garter Snake
   Featured Species - Bats!
   Featured Species - Peary Caribou
   Featured Species: Muskox
   Featured Species: Polar Bear
   Featured Species: Purple Martin
   Featured Species: Wolverine
   Get Out — HWWTube’s Newest Webisode
   Get Outside for Canada’s Parks Day!
   Happy Groundhog Day!
   Happy Halloween from the Hinterland Who’s Who team!
   Hinterland Who's Who Introduces Canadians to the Woodland Caribou
   Hinterland Who's Who Returns To Canadian Television
   Hinterland Who’s Who Filming in Saskatchewan
   Hinterland Who’s Who Launches Boreal Forest PSA
   Hinterland Who’s Who Looking for the Great Canadian Wildlife Story
   Hinterland Who’s Who Premieres First-Ever Webisode
   HWW filming on the West Coast!
   HWW gets an update!
   HWW goes Homegrown!
   HWW in Canadian Wildlife Magazine
   HWW Looks at the Bigger Picture of Species at Risk
   May 22 is International Day for Biological Diversity
   National Forest Week: Canada’s Boreal
   National Wildlife Week 2009
   New HWW webisode discovers biodiversity!
   New Webisode: Wetland Wonderland
   News: Arctic fox
   Official launch of Hinterland Who’s Who newest Webisode on Urban Wildlife
   Official Presentation of the Hummingbird Video and Collector Coin to Celebrate National Wildlife Week
   Official presentation of the Red-Breasted Nuthatch video and collector coin
   Spring is here!
   There's Something Fishy Going On at HWW
   Want more nature in your life?
   Wonders of the Boreal Forest
   Woodrow the HWW Beaver cleared his calendar for the Olympics!


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